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  • Sergio Senatore


‘If you love something, you don’t see working for it as a sacrifice. You don’t see it as a sacrifice because it’s yours.’

Sergio Senatore has perfected the art of turning ideas into brands and elevating brands into lifestyles. His world is a visionary, imaginative place where left and right brain work together to constantly innovate. ’That’s the way it’s always been done’ isn’t a rule for Sergio — it’s a challenge. A challenge to find a better way; one that in many cases doesn’t exist until he creates it.

A lifelong music lover, Sergio learned the ropes of the nightlife business in New York City and Toronto. He parlayed a small hosting gig on Saturday nights into one of Toronto’s most renowned event and promotions companies, simultaneously creating and shaping culture. During his tenure in the events world, his experience, adaptability, and almost uncanny ability to know what ‘cool’ is (in fact, he’d probably say that word isn’t), allowed Sergio to conceive and curate events that, under his clear-minded guidance, became brands unto themselves.

His drive and ability to adapt to an ever-changing landscape inspired his newest endeavour, Cult, a holistic entertainment brand that doesn’t create parties as much as it creates a lifestyle. A passion project 11 years in the making, Cult combines Sergio’s interests in interior design, fashion, and branding, and will benefit from the same visionary guidance that allowed him to become one of Toronto’s most noteworthy tastemakers.


  • Sergio Senatore

  • sergio@cultto.ca

  • (416) 452-8941