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Push. Evolve. Become

This is Fit Squad’s motto and I am 100% behind it. Jaclyn Genovese and I have been training with the Fit Squad team for the past 6 months — and we’ve been fortunate enough to know the team on a personal level for much longer. Working with Fit Squad is unlike any personal training program I have ever been a part of and believe me, I’ve had a lot of personal trainers in my day.

Jenn Lau, one of Fit Squad’s founders told me that their purpose is to:

“Inspire our people in the relentless pursuit to be stronger and better than they were yesterday”

Jenn, Aldo and Gabe (the founders of Fit Squad) believe that everybody has the ability to achieve greatness in their training. I’ve discovered through personal training with Aldo, that long-term commitment equals long-term results. There is no quick fix with respect to having a healthy and strong body.

Perhaps my favourite part about Fit Squad is their facilities here in Toronto, located at 266 King Street West. They make personal training personal — I literally mean they will get on the floor with you and show you exactly how to execute a position rather than just telling you. On top of that,  their group classes are incredible; they’re a departure from any group class I have ever done.

They have something for everyone: Men’s StrengthCamp, Fenom, Iron Flow, Hardstyle MetCon and Corporate Group Training — check out their Instagram page to get a feel for these programs and how amazing they are. What I like best about everything Fit Squad does is their focus on technique; they never ever rush you into anything and take the time to help you perfect your technique so you don’t risk injury. Everything they do is slow, calculated and at your own pace.

Let me know in the comments if you’ve ever been to a FitSquad training session or group class and what you thought. If you’re looking for a trainer or something new and challenging to try fitness wise, I definitely co-sign FitSquad.



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