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Barry’s Bootcamp: Face Yourself Challenge

If you haven’t heard of Barry’s Bootcamp by now, you either don’t have social media or you live under a rock. The studio opened in Toronto this past Fall, and it’s been insanely popular in the lifestyle scene.

You can burn 1000 calories or more in just one class. The methodology they use focuses on combining cardio and strength training so you can burn fat and build muscle simultaneously. This approach means that even after you’re finished the class, your body still burns calories. This is unique, because most fitness classes offer one or the other (i.e., cardio or strength training). For me, the best part about the whole thing is actually how they’ve curated the experience for guests. The red-tinted lighting, the instructor, the music — every single details is thoughtful and planned. Nothing is by accident when you go to a Barry’s class.

Starting February 7th, I joined in the Face Yourself Challenge, which was no joke.

16 classes in 30 days

I was actually nominated to do this challenge by Eva Redpath, who is one of the head trainers over at Barry’s. Holding myself accountable for the duration was difficult, but the difference I see in my body and my strength levels is incredible. I’ve toned up significantly and have seen a marked improvement in both my cardio and strength abilities every class. If you’re looking for a class that will challenge you to push the limits of your fitness abilities with a group of like-minded people who love to sweat, Barry’s is for you.




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