Rise n’ Grind with FitSquad

A couple of weeks ago I had the good fortune of being invited to Evergreen Brickworks to train with the Fit Squad team at their workout. This was an early morning event, which needless to say, was a challenge to get up for. I don’t normally work out in the mornings, but I made an exception for this — and to my surprise, it was awesome. I had an insane amount of energy for the rest of the day and I got a ton of stuff accomplished.

But make no mistake, the workout we did was incredibly difficult. In fact, it was amongst the hardest I’ve ever done.

The Fit Squad team was really invested in ensuring that we all had proper form during the workout to avoid injury.

The workout itself was designed to push us to our physical limits, and pushed to my limits I was. It had a bit of everything, including: weight lifting, strength training, stretching, and something called “Iron Flow” that I would liken to Yoga but way harder — WAY HARDER. The Iron Flow piece requires you to rely on your own body strength to get you through; holding your own body-weight up while continuously moving is an incredible challenge and a great workout.

My favourite part of the experience was the snacks at the end — naturally. We finished the morning with a vanilla flavoured fermented vegan protein shake from Genuine Health, which was surprisingly tasty; it didn’t have that weird chalky taste that many protein powders have, and it contributes to a healthy gut. The custom Fit Squad fruit bowl (see picture above) was a delicious addition that was almost too nice to eat… almost.

A huge thank you to the Fit Squad team for having me out to this event. If you’re interested in connecting with the FitSquad team, check out their website for additional info.



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