Where Fashion Meets Function


I would be lying if I said I had any interest in wearing colourful clothing. Some people wear colour and pattern so well; and while I appreciate the effort it takes to create a stylish outfit with texture, colour and pattern, I realize it’s just not my steeze. Everyone constantly reminds me that my wardrobe is exclusively shades of black — with a pinch of grey in there, which I would argue is just a shade of black.

Function and fashion can live in the same world.

Since I am on the go constantly, I need for function and fashion to live in the same world. No matter where I go, whether it’s a business meeting or an event, I never feel like I am under or over-dressed when I am wearing an all black outfit. A crisp black tee, tailored pants and a functional jacket are always a win.

Switching out your jacket for something more formal like a blazer and trading in your Converse for a nice loafer, is a 30 second wardrobe edit that will take you from day to night without the headache of planning an entire outfit. Beyond the obvious ease of wearing black, you can still do a ton with any outfit in the way of accessories, textures, patterns and top tier fabrics despite black being the only colour palette you work with. A dope Movado watch, some Ray-bans and a nice pair of textured denim pants are all pieces that can help you take your outfit game to the next level.

Truth be told, I will continue wearing black until the bitter end.


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